How to come out of Marriage & Health issues?

health issuesWhy I have random Health Issues?

I have random issues in health and how long I am going to suffer?

How to come out of Marital Stress Life?

I’m under a lot of stress at home due to close relatives and marital life is stressful. How long it take to come out?

When I will have a Child ?family

Married since last 4 years,no children. When will I have a child?

Horoscope Reading:

                       In your rashi chart ,  Tula or libra is the ascendant/ lagna.  Saturn is placed in the second house with Uranus. Moon is placed in the seventh house with Jupiter. Mercury,Sun and Venus are placed in the tenth house. Mars is placed in the eleventh house. Rahu and ketu are placed in the sixth and the twelfth houses respectively.
                        Current running Mahadasha. :   Moon,   Mahadasha swami.  :   Moon.   ;    Janma nakshatra.  :   Bharani -1,   Nakshatra swami.   : Venus.
               Chart indications.  :
           1.   You are currently running the moon- Venus period according to your horoscope.
           2.   Lagnesh Venus owns the eighth house too and is placed in the house of karma with the Sun and Mercury. Sun owns the house of gains. Mercury owns the houses of dharma and destiny and losses. All the three planets aspect the house of home comforts in the horoscope.
           3.    Moon is placed in the house of partnerships with Jupiter. Jupiter governs the houses of parakrama and prarabdha and aspects Mars and the third house in his own sign of Sagittarius. Moon owns the house of karma. Both these planets aspect the lagna.
           4.     Saturn is retrograde,governs the houses of home comforts and sanchit good karma and aspects the house of home comforts in his own sign of Capricorn, the eighth house and Mars.
           5.      Mars owns the houses of partnerships and family and wealth and aspects Saturn, and the houses of sanchit good karma and prarabdha in the horoscope.
           6.     Jupiter,Saturn and Mercury are not placed well in the navamsa. Saturn is swagrahi and mercury is the navamsa Lagnesh.

Horoscope Analysis :

  • Your horoscope shows health problems after marriage.
  • The stress you are speaking about, is related to your own nature of clinging to things, thoughts , events, people and happenings in life.
  • You have to learn to let go of all issues related to these mentioned areas in order to lighten the burden on your mind. You may tend to have a revengeful nature too.
  • The mutual aspects of Saturn and Mars may cause problems.
  • You may be having marital problems and problems in relationships with your in- laws because of this reason.
  • Things may become better after 2019 if you make conscious efforts to improve on these areas and be happy.
  • It may not be conducive for begetting children also if you are always stressed out, according to chart indications.
  • The horoscope shows indications of things becoming better after this period. Both you and your husband’s horoscopes show a yoga of bondage w.r.t children.
  • Jupiter is weak in your husband’s chart.
  • His horoscope also shows disturbances in married life.
  • Your horoscope shows some indications of begetting a child between 2019-23 period.
  • Delays and difficulties are not ruled out.
  • But medical intervention may be necessary.
  • Take advice of your gynaecologist on this issue.



                        Perform these remedies for overcoming your problems in life. You may get good results if the remedies work well for you.

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