Love,Relationship & Marriage

Case : Relationship and Marriage

I like a person and love whom I met two years ago. Not in touch for ling time and lost touch. Planning to revive our relationship and move forward with marriage.
Q.1. How is the time for me if I plan to venture into this current period ?
Q.2.  Is there any emotional setback indicated ?

Horoscope Obeseravation and Study

  • In your rashi chart, Pisces or Meena is the ascendant/ lagna.
  • Jupiter and Saturn are placed in the seventh house.
  • Moon and Venus are placed in the eighth house.
  • Sun and Mercury are placed in the ninth house with Neptune and Uranus.
  • Mars is placed in tenth house.
  • Rahu and ketu are placed in the fifth and the eleventh houses respectively.

Horoscope Analysis :

         1.    You are currently running the Mercury- Moon period according to your horoscope.
         2.    Lagnesh Jupiter governs the house of karma too and is placed in the house of partnerships with Saturn. Saturn governs the houses of gains and losses and aspects the Sun, Mercury and the house of home comforts in the horoscope. Jupiter aspects Ketu and the third house. Both these planets aspect the lagna.
         3.     Venus and Moon are placed in in the eighth house. Moon owns the house of sanchit good karma.  Venus is swagrahi and owns the third house too. Both these planets aspect the house of family and wealth in the horoscope.
         4.     Sun, Mercury are placed in the house of dharma and destiny . Sun owns the house of prarabdha. Mercury owns the houses of partnerships and home comforts. Both these planets aspect the third house.
         5.     Mars is placed in the house of karma. Mars owns the houses of dharma and destiny and the house of family and wealth and aspects the lagna, and the houses of home comforts and sanchit good karma in the horoscope.
         6.    There are no vargottam planets.

Suggestions and RemediesMarriage

  • The current period is favorable for finding a soulmate for marriage.
  • Rahu and ketu in current transit are placed in the same signs in your natal horoscope.
  • The horoscope shows indications of a love marriage.
  • July – August period is ok for venturing out into this endeavor .
  • The current period of time till mid 2019 and further seems favorable.
  • Marriage yogas are seen between 2019-21 period according to your horoscope.
  • Marriage yogas extend till 2023  in the horoscope.
  • No emotional setback is indicated as such in the horoscope.
  • But 2 years is a long time. If the girl has not settled down in a relationship or matrimony , you may stand a chance.
  • Otherwise also the horoscope shows indications of meeting someone and marriage in the above mentioned time period.
  • Some ups and downs in married life are seen due to a sookshma parivartan yoga .
  • But such disturbances may be handled with tact and maturity.
  • It would be better if the horoscopes are compatible and the matching is good.
  • The horoscope indicates an intelligent and a smart spouse who may be witty and bright.
  • A legal marriage is also indicated in the current period.
  •  Perform these remedies for overcoming your problems and for good marriage and married life.

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