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  • Rashi chart, Leo or Simha is the ascendant/ lagna.
  • Venus is placed in the lagna.
  • Saturn is placed in the third house.
  • Jupiter is placed in the fourth house with Ketu and Uranus.
  • Moon is placed in the seventh house.
  • Mars is placed in the eleventh house.
  • Sun and mercury are placed in the twelfth house.
  • Rahu and ketu are placed in the tenth  and the fourth  houses respectively.


Current Planets and Interpretations

            1.   Currently running the Saturn- moon period according to horoscope.
            2.   Lagnesh Sun is placed in the house of losses with Mercury. Mercury owns the houses of family and wealth and gains. Both these planets aspect the house of prarabdha in the horoscope.
            3.   Venus is placed in the lagna,owns the houses of karma and parakrama and aspects the moon in the house of partnerships.
            4.    Saturn is exalted and placed in the third house,governs the houses of prarabdha and partnerships and aspects the houses of sanchit good karma, dharma and karma in the horoscopes.
            5.     Jupiter is retrograde,governs the eighth house and the house of sanchit good karma, is placed in the house of home comforts with Ketu and aspects the eighth house in his own sign of Pisces, the house of karma and the Sun and mercury in the horoscope.
            6.     Mars owns the houses of home comforts and dharma and destiny,is placed in the house of gains and aspects the houses of family and wealth,sanchit good karma and prarabdha in the horoscope.
            7.      The Moon owns the house of losses,is placed in the house of partnerships and aspects Venus in the lagna.
            8.      The lagna is vargottam. Venus and moon are vargottam .
            9.      Sun and mercury are weak in the navamsa and mercury is placed in the eighth house of the Navamsa.
            10.     Mercury is placed in trik houses of both the natal and the navamsa charts.

Predictions and Suggestions

  • The horoscope shows health issues in the current major period.
  • Some ailments of chronic nature are indicated in the horoscope.
  • The horoscope shows indications that overall stamina or immunity to fight disease may be low.
  • Lagnesh Sun is placed in a trik house of the natal chart and is weak in the navamsa.
  • The horoscope points to some sexual problems,according to indications.
  • Careful of developing any ear,neck or shoulder problems too.
  • Be careful of digestive tract ailments if any. Saturn is exalted in the horoscope,so karma and dharma should be properly followed.
  • In the current Mahadasha period of Saturn be careful of eating habits, sexual promiscuity,mental tensions and eye problems.
  • Since you have not mentioned about any specific health issues, the chart indications about health and vitality have been mentioned in the report.
  • Be careful about your health in the future too.



Perform recommended remedies for overcoming health  problems.

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