January 24, 2018

Why Horoscope Analysis?


Astrology,Spiritual healing, Balancing karma

HREEMHOROSCOPE is about astrology,spiritual healing, balancing karma, awareness about one’s purpose of life through astrology for optimum success and happiness in life. ( Call : +91 98330 14600 )

Vedic astrology

Vedic astrology is a divine science propouned by Hanumanji and sages/rishis like Narada, Jaimini, Parashar, Bhrigu and many more. ( Call : +91 98330 14600 )


As the experiences in current lifetime are based on karmic reactions and influences of previous lifetimes , results accrue on the lines of karma, it makes sense to go for a deeper healing on the level of karma through astrology. ( Call : +91 98330 14600 )


It is only in human form of life a chance is given to correct one’s karma , learn the essential lessons  for growth and progress towards spirituality ,which is possible only for human species. ( Call : +91 98330 14600 )

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