What are my Job prospects?

Whether I will Get Government job?

What are my best career options?

When will be my  best time for career ?

Your Horoscope  highlights:

  •  In your rashi chart, Aquarius or Kumbha is the ascendant/ lagna.
  • Mars is placed in the second house. Venus is placed in the third house.
  • Sun and Mercury are placed in the fourth house.
  • Jupiter is placed in the fifth house.
  • Moon is placed in the eleventh house with Uranus and Neptune.
  • Saturn is placed in the twelfth house with Rahu.
  • Rahu and ketu are placed in the twelfth and the sixth houses respectively.

Your  Chart current status   :

        1.    You are currently running the Sun- Venus period according to your horoscope.
        2.    Lagnesh Saturn is swagrahi placed in the house of losses with Rahu. Saturn is retrograde and aspects Mars and the houses of prarabdha and dharma and destiny of the horoscope.
        3.    Mars owns the houses of karma and parakrama,is placed in the house of family and wealth and aspects Jupiter, the eighth house and the house of dharma and destiny in the horoscope.
        4.     Venus owns the houses of home comforts and dharma and destiny, is placed in the third house and aspects the house of dharma and destiny in his own sign of libra.
        5.      Sun and Mercury are placed in the house of home comforts. Sun owns the house of partnerships and Mercury owns the house of sanchit good karma and the eighth house. Both these planets aspect the house of karma in the horoscope.
        6.      Jupiter is placed in the house of sanchit good karma,governs the houses of gains and family and wealth and aspects the house of dharma and destiny and the lagna and the moon.
        7.      The moon owns the house of prarabdha,is placed in the house of gains and aspects Jupiter in the horoscope.
        8.       Saturn is vargottam.
        9.       Venus is weak and not placed well in the navamsa.
       10.      Career seems satisfactory from the D10 chart.

Horoscope analysis   :

  • The horoscope shows satisfactory jobs and work and gains from profession.
  • You are currently running the sadesati period for your rashi.
  • Some ups and downs in career are not ruled out during this period.
  • The horoscope shows the best career options for you in the technical ,electronic fields ,and administrative fields may also suit you.
  • You should go for jobs which suit your profile,level of expertise according to your educational qualifications.
  • Jobs may suit you better than business.
  • You may find a government job between mid2018-20 period.
  • But you may have to try hard.
  • Appear for government exams in telecommunications or other technical sectors ,oil and gas  sector etc. to qualify for jobs.
  • Though not very pronounced, you may find a government job by qualifying through exams.
  • Some conjunctions of planets are not very favourable, you need to be on guard.
  • Some earnings from foreign countries are also seen from your horoscope.
  • You may try for jobs in the gulf countries also.
  • Career in foreign countries may be  a good option.
  • The period after 2019 onwards may be good for your career.
  • You may have an above average career and financial growth. Other factors seem satisfactory.
  • The horoscope suggests a lot of hard work and self efforts for a good career and rise.
  • Chalk out your career and plan accordingly for a successful career.
  • The upcoming Mahadasha period may be favourable for a good career growth.
                        Perform these remedies for overcoming problems in a good career.

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